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Printed on quality Giclée canvas with archival inks. Framed in either white, black or oak canvas float frame.

Alexandra is a Sydney based artist, working from her home studio in Lewisham.

Alexandra attended Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design. She went onto complete her training as a performer in Sydney, with an Advanced Diploma in Acting. Alexandra has been selected as a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize 2018 and this year exhibited at The Other Art Fair Sydney.

Alexandra would best describe her work as expressive abstract, focusing mainly on large scale canvas and linen in acrylics, often incorporating other mixed media. She paints intuitively, using bold colour and broad gestural marks, addicted to the irreverent process of creating a painting.


Aliki Kapoor is an emerging Australian artist from Melbourne

Her style is free flowing, colour driven and full of spontaneity.

Other inspirations are through her love of Fashion, Interiors and everyday beauty.

Aliki was formally trained in Fashion Design earning her a BA Fashion at RMIT Melbourne. She worked as a Product Designer and Buyer for many leading apparel brands. 

Aliki has now progressed from Fashion, to raising her young children and has naturally shifted her creativity to Art. 

Angie Goto is an Australian deaf artist who loves to express herself through vivid paintings of images that live in her mind. Her love of reading and painting have joined to create endless 'stories' on canvas that strive to recreate the scenery she has silently witnessed and participated in her life. Being deaf has allowed her to experience a different take on life that has both ups and downs, but if you ask her, the ups have far outweighed the downs! She embraces the differences she sees in the human spirit and constantly strives to bring awareness to all about our similarities rather than our differences. Working as a full time artist and part time Art Educator at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Sydney enables her to be involved with the community in a meaningful and rewarding manner. 
Angus Martin is an Adelaide born, Sydney based Artist, awarded with the “South Australian Arts Excellence Award in 2012”. With a simple approach to figurative art - His work centers around capturing the feelings and emotions that arise from love and relationships. All pieces have a goal of initiating an emotional response, which people can relate to their own experiences.
“I draw a lot of inspiration from music – I always listen to music when painting. Music can resurface a lot of memories, and if I am drawn to a specific lyric or tune, I’m transported to a particular time or place. I’ll listen to a song on repeat whilst painting a piece to focus on that specific memory, be it, good or bad.”
Annie Everingham is an Australian visual artist and creative freelancer. An
intuitive and colour driven creative, she combines a love of textile design,
fashion, interiors and art to encapsulate the elements of beauty found in everyday life across a range of creative platforms.

While a keen illustrator and painter since childhood, Annie was formally trained in
design, with no plans to pursue her art practice professionally. But while completing her graduate year of a fashion & textile design degree through the prestigious UTS Fashion program in Sydney, and yet to
demonstrate a sound ability to thread a bobbin properly, Annie discovered the art of creating abstract textures and prints on fabric and left sewing tailored pants to the experts. She found her groove by stripping back the garment design process and shifting her focus to creating abstract patterns, textures and artworks through
hand painting, dyeing and digital printing onto silks, and her practice has continued to evolve ever since.

Annie is now a full time creative and operates a small studio based art business
in the coastal city of Newcastle, Australia.
Armadillo&Co rugs are the work of artisans whose intricate weaving traditions are passed down through generations. The preservation of these age old skills and the income they bring are vital.
More than ten pairs of hands are required to create and finish each rug. Every purchase enhances the lives of our weavers and their communities, giving them a means to improve living standards and enjoy a discretionary income.
Each rug is nurtured on its journey from fibre to finished product by the skilled hands of our dyers, weavers and finishers.
The handmade process results in them being imbued with a unique character. 
Camilla is a self-taught abstract artist with a flair for bold, well-constructed colour
palettes and elaborate compositions. Camilla’s love for colour and working with
acrylics as her chosen medium stems from her background as a Textile

This has enriched her talent and technique evident in her colour combinations,
exquisite layering and spontaneous brush strokes. Her artwork evokes joy
reflective of her positive and playful personality. Intuition and raw emotion make up the layers and texture in her artworks creating a visual delight for her clients to love and adore in their homes.
Chalie MacRae is an Australian contemporary artist who works from her
studio in Safety Beach, Victoria. She is inspired by the beauty of the Mornington
Peninsula coast and nearby hinterland.

As a young adult travelling abroad, Chalie developed what would become a long-term love for art. However, it wasn't until after working as an analyst for some years Chalie began painting as a creative outlet. Painting for Chalie is both energizing and calming. 

Chalie works with different materials to achieve controlled and unpredictable
elements which reflect her curious nature and love for adventure. This has resulted in various painting styles including her successful 'Flow' and 'Seasons' series. She
gravitates towards a palette that is nature inspired however her inspirations are diverse and vivid.

Chalie’s paintings have been shown in numerous group exhibitions and her works
are held by private collectors domestically and internationally.

"My artwork is inspired by nature and i like to  focus on bringing the outside in. My paintings are highly decorative, however I feel they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides.  I like to capture the essence of a landscape, stylizing it and making it my own. I employ colour, pattern and repetition to portray the layers of foliage and vegetation that can be seen within the landscape.

My colour palate is governed by my mood and the general feeling I want to create within each painting. I generally work with analogous colours combinations because I feel they best reflect the natural harmony of nature, the subtle warm or cool changes of the seasons and foliage provide endless inspiration. However, I am not afraid of colour and I often experiment with combinations that are not usually traditionally associated with nature and landscapes.

I work spontaneously and rarely begin with a set plan in mind. I let each painting evolve intuitively as I build each layer of paint. I work quickly to begin with, which is why I prefer to work with faster drying acrylic paints. Each piece is then finished off with a layer of gloss varnish to enhance the colours and depth and also protect the surface of the painting. Painting for me is second nature, i have been doing it in one way or another since my early teen years and feels as natural as breathing.

My paintings are both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in my mind. A whimsical place that I can go to escape and be lost within. I create a world that i want to be in and that provides an escape from the everyday."

Sydney based abstract Visual Artist Danielle Cross is a multi-faceted artist  with a repertoire that stretches from painting to photography.
Her abstract artwork embodies movement and elusive compositions whereas her photography merges imagery into abstract forms - where waves and landscapes look like they were created using a brushstroke rather than through a camera lens.  (word by Hunter and Folk)
"Art is about connection- connecting with the artwork, the artist and a moment in time" 

David is a self-taught Sydney based artist with a passion for landscapes and man made structures. His use of aerosol produces a unique and stylish abstract effect. His technique, merged with harsh layering of aerosols assists in achieving this aspect. 

Often displaying a domineering use of black, David is able to use his instincts to produce works that captivate the eye and embark the viewer on an intense and memorable journey. David also proves his diversity with a combination of affluent primary colours from deep ocean blues, eucalyptus greens to burnt orange and a foray of shimmering metallics. Altogether creating a texture and tone that contributes to the beauty of the quest. 

"I focus on embracing the emotional claim that the colours inspire through your own journey" 

David's art is described as 'passionate and intense' to the eye that endeavours quality. 

Emily Besser is a painter, living in the inner-west of Sydney and working from a home studio. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with First Class Honours in Painting at Sydney College of the Arts in 2001, and has intermittently exhibited her work since then. After a 10 year adventure as a lawyer, Emily has returned to a daily practice of painting.

Emily’s abstract and gestural works are in conversation with a diverse range of ideas, sometimes relating to religiosity, spirituality and belief, or psychology and anthropology, or the sedentary arts of gardening, child-rearing and home-making. But mostly the conversation returns to the practice of Painting itself.

Jessie Rigby is an Australian contemporary artist who resides in the Macedon Ranges, north of Melbourne, with her husband and two dogs, Bonnie and George. Amongst her love of art, she enjoys spending time with her family, working in the veggie patch, making banana bread and appreciating the
wonderful eateries and coffee culture the Macedon Ranges has to offer.

Studying both Visual Arts and Fashion in her earlier years, she spent 10 years working in the Rag Trade in design, whilst simultaneously cultivating her passion for abstract art. Working for a number of well-established fashion labels has enriched her creative experience and eye for design, construction and balance. Applying this background, Jessie has refined her skill for remaining ‘on the pulse’ of design aesthetics, silhouettes and colour palettes that people are drawn to, which can be observed in her works.

Inspired by Victoria’s countryside, Jessie translates her surroundings into dreamy and misty mountain-scapes, whimsical ‘Nebulas’ and is drawn to experimenting with mixed mediums including acrylics, oil pastels, gouache, and metallic pigments, developing texture and an additional depth to her works.
After working in the legal profession for 25 years Joan Blond has returned to her first love of painting. Joan is an abstract expressionist and contemporary artist based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.  
Mostly self-taught, Joan’s creative side was nurtured by her Mother who constantly shared her love of drawing & painting. Joan loves painting generous blocks of colour and her style is vibrantly expressionistic, often incorporating energetic line work. 
Joan mostly paints using acrylics with substance which add texture to her work and
at times works with oil paint.  She also loves experimenting with different mediums and washes. 
Joan also takes many cues from contemporary design and her love of interior
design.  She loves working with homeowners and designers looking for
paintings with a custom colour scheme.
Joan works from her home studio in Yellingbo in Victoria’s lush Yarra Valley and
is creatively motivated by the location and the relaxed atmosphere it offers.

Katie Clulow, is a florist, photographer, fibre artist, textile designer and the proud owner of 'Flowers for Kate'.

Katie's passion for floral beauty and the natural world shines through in everything she creates.

A collection of stunning landscape prints, expertly printed and framed by the Art and Framing Company.
Linn Wold is a Norwegian artist and graphic designer whose namesake brand represents her striking line of art prints for home and interior design. Linn draws inspiration from nature, people, interior design, and whimsical imagery. Her exquisite prints are eye catching with hints of surrealism and colour palettes that compliment interior design. Each limited-edition art print is digitally composed by hand and printed with ink on high quality matte printing paper. 


Abstract alcohol ink artist, Lisa Ryan has always been passionate about
colour. From a young age, she’d return from weekend trips with her dad to the
local hardware store with pockets stuffed full of paint swatches to add
to her collection. She’d painstakingly review and choose which blue went
best with this yellow or that peach; which green complimented that weird browny-orange she loved.
That appreciation and understanding for how things click and work together evolved into a need to work with colour to create her own art pieces. she started to do just that in her Sydney based home studio.


Maggi McDonald is an Artist & Surface Designer based in Sydney.

Nature is a constant inspiration in Maggi's work and her brightly
coloured abstract gardens and landscapes are inspired by the
natural beauty of her adopted country Australia, and South Africa
where she grew up.

Maggi's style of painting is abstract expressionist with a strong gestural
feel. Her artworks are intuitive and very much a reflection of her
emotions, perceptions of the world and her place in it.


"Painting has always been a part of my life and as a teenager, I sold miniature watercolours in a local cafe.

I love the freedom abstract painting gives me. 

It is often hard to tell when I am finished with a piece, and will usually leave them for while, only to return weeks later immediately able to identify the final touch.

Working primarily with acrylics on canvas, I embrace the messy brush stokes, the accidental spray of paint, the texture of painting over of mistakes and using them to create a story that evokes emotion.

All of my art is original.

I do not reproduce or print my items, but create them layer upon layer so each one is truly unique."

A stunning collection of our newest prints by the Art and Framing Company.
A collection of beautiful Oceanic prints, expertly printed and framed by the Art and Framing Company.

Paul Blackmore is a Sydney based photographer.

His most recent book At Water’s Edge is the long-awaited publication that explores the intimate relationship between humanity and its most vital natural resource.

At Water’s Edge builds on Paul’s previous studies of humanity’s relationship to nature in a globalised world. His first book Australians: Responses to the Land looked at the how the tough Australian environment animates and influences Australian culture. In the book’s introduction, acclaimed Australian writer David Malouf writes: “In Paul Blackmore’s world these people are allowed the dignity of their ordinariness; he seeks out what is touching in them. This collection is full of such moments of affection and uncondescending regard for the lives of others. For all its grimness, the world he presents is aglow with life, and little incidental beauties, and an abiding mystery.” In At Water’s Edge Blackmore has again sought the truth in the lives of others; revealing the beauty of the intimate and often vulnerable relationship individuals have with water, whilst simultaneously exploring the global situation of water scarcity.

Blackmore’s many photo essays and stories, published in such international media as Time, L’Express, Le Monde and Geo, have established him as a much sought-after collectable photographer. He has gained prominence through his exhibitions at Camera One New York, Stills Gallery Sydney, Perpignan France and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne. In 2010 a series of photos from At Water’s Edge were exhibited at the esteemed Biennale D’Limage France and in 2012, at the Leonardo Museum Salt Lake City. Blackmore is one of a new generation of photojournalists – reporters of reality –whose elegant, coherent and enduring observations function as both valuable records of social change and stunning fine-art images.

Peytil is a Stockholm based art project founded in 2016 by the fashion designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due. The work reflects a graffiti-like spontaneity with focus on fashion illustrations and contemporary portraits. The Scandinavian style is clear in the paintings that are often built simply from minimalistic black lines. The work is a combination of traditional painting and digital tools, which gives it contrast and a novel expression. Eitil grew up in a family of artists, his mother is a sculptor and his father a painter. Art and creativity were everywhere in the house and Eitil was encouraged to experiment and follow his own path at an early age. When he was 21 he started a fashion brand called Mouli together with his older brother. After working several years as a fashion designer Eitil wanted to create another outlet for his creativity. He began to see commercial fashion as something very restricted and was longing for something without rules or limitations. The result was Peytil, which was also the nickname his mother used for him as a boy. About the prints: The limited editions are printed on German Etching 310g from Hahnemühle, a high end fine art paper signed and numbered at the bottom corners. The open editions are printed on a premium matte fine art paper in 250g. The print method is Giclée, a digital fine art technique where inkjet printer is used. All prints are carefully packed in a protective card board tube and shipped with tracking number and insurance.

Browse the amazing curated collection of framed prints by the Art and Framing Company.
Originally from India, Ruchi’s journey with colours and design started in New Delhi, where she completed a 3-year Diploma in Textile Design.

While in India, after finishing her course, she gained some experience of free hand painting on silk and chiffon sarees which was like creating an art on a
large canvas. Ruchi travelled around the world with her husband and explored different landscapes and cultures like Greece, Italy and Japan to name a few. In 1994 she moved to Australia with her husband to start a settled life and family. The amazing Australian landscapes and ocean and the rich and colourful
textiles of India have been the main source of inspiration for her artworks in terms of colour and the softness and transparency of chiffon.

Ruchi mainly works with acrylics, washes and sometimes ink. She believes art is a way to express feelings and emotions that we feel towards people, nature and this beautiful earth that we live on. Ruchi has been exploring with acrylics as she believes they are very versatile and easy to work with in terms of creating textures, depth and blending techniques. Ruchi believes in spontaneity and free flow of strokes. Each piece is started with some visual understanding of its flow and direction and as it progresses it takes its own path and slowly develops
its own character, story and depth.

Ruchi has been painting full time for the last three years and her paintings have been well received by Private collectors in Australia and overseas.

Sarah Kalidis is an Australian artist & textile designer who resides in Sydney. Studying Interior Design, she worked with tactile finishes over 10 years which unearthed an affection for natural organic textures and forms.

Her inspiration lays within the natural landscape, in particular the striking botanicals of native Australian Flora.

Her style is bold and alluring, marrying the artistry of illustration with a playful contemporary edge. Dubbed ‘Colour

Queen’ at school, Sarah’s trademark is her striking use of colour and texture that is a delight for the senses.

‘’I love to draw on the natural environment in my textiles. And I have always taken a likening to expressionist and modernist movements; I feel that this exploration of form has certainly played a part in how my pieces are composed’’

Each one of Sarah’s textile designs are based on her original drawings. “I love watching the transition from pencil to paper, through to upholstery fabric for furniture”. Composition plays a very important part in the production process, and once a textile design has been established, form and colour is almost a natural progression.

Sarah loves to put brush to paper; and experiments with acrylic, gouache and watercolour mediums. It’s all about how the visual translates from her mind to canvas or paper, and she describes the process as almost rhythmic; an extension of thoughts and feelings.

Australian artist Scott Petrie has achieved much in his career both before and after becoming a successful visual artist, who does what he loves best by making a living as a full time professional artist.
Scott studied Fashion Design at the School of Visual Arts before working briefly for fashion designer Stuart Membery. By the age of 30 Scott decided he had found his true calling as an artist and moved to New York to paint professionally.
Enjoying a return to his creative roots, Petrie has spent time in Switzerland, LA, and Morocco all of which played a major influence in his contemporary painting style. Fine tuned by the natural environment, infused by bold brazes of colour, Scott's work reflects his worldly travels and personal journeys. Much of his work is inspired by his most treasured places such as Morocco, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Arabian Gulf.
Scott is now based within Sydney's inner city suburb of Surry Hills and he also has a studio based in Singapore. He was won several art prizes, and has exhibited in prestigious galleries in New York, Singapore, and Sydney.
"I am an artist and graphic designer, with a degree in visual arts and a diploma in graphic design. For the last few years, besides being a mum and enjoying a great life here at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, I have been focussing on my art.
I love to paint extremely textured, boldly colourful scenes inspired by nature. I compose my scenes by layering largish dots (or to go a bit artsy on you, “impressionistic impasto dots”). I am drawn to texture and I add multiple layers to my canvases to add depth and dimension to each piece. Indeed, my paintings are so textured they do cast shadows! I passionately explore colours and composition. Sometimes my use of colours can be harmonious, but I love it when discordant colours come together that really make your eyes zing. So, you could say, I’m trying to create a dance between colour and texture."
Tracey is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

A self-taught artist, she finds the continual process of exploring new techniques and colour combinations both exciting and exhilarating. Her love for design and
architecture strongly influence her artworks and inspire her to create current but timeless pieces. Her expressionist style of artworks is composed of carefully selected shapes and colours that create a sense of balance and calm while still being quite bold. Working with mixed media she builds layers on
canvas to create a soft and subtle textured appearance.

Her current works are largely inspired by the beauty of Australia's aerial landscapes, farmland and its patchwork like appearance.
She attributes this fascination with the landscape to her childhood experiences
growing up on a farm in rural Victoria and she finds it pleasing to capture these joyful memories in her paintings.

Tracey's hope is that her artworks will emanate a sense of peace and happiness within the homes they end up in.

We have refined a collection that is easy to fall in love with and equally functional for your very own retreat. From our loom to your floor, we have curated an ageless combination of striking textures, embracing rich and mellow colours with timeless hand formed designs. Likewise, we feel passionate in continuing to focus on an enriched neutral palette full of touchable textures and motifs. Each weave knows no limit, rendered by traditional methods though displaying characteristics which are beyond concurrent time. Our handcrafted variegated yarns are each an art form which is sure to enthuse you.

       Our ethos is to provide an impressive and inspiring inventory of rugs, reassuring you of how important floor coverings are as an element of decoration. We want you to celebrate your surroundings and transform your everyday areas. We strive to deliver an uncomplicated collection with exceptional simplicity. We are strong on skilled crafts and trades and avoid manufactured structured looking pieces. Our artistic creations are perfectly imperfect, offering strong unique character to each individual rug which is sure to transmute your lifestyle space. Small irregularities are where we find the greatest beauty.

We trust you will love our collection as significantly as we do.