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Summer Awaits | Original Artwork | Sarah Kalidis


'Summer Awaits' Original artwork by Sarah Kalidis.

124 x 154cm  

Acrylic on Stretched Linen

Float framed in Oak Ash Timber

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Sarah Kalidis is an Australian artist & textile designer who resides in Sydney. Studying Interior Design, she worked with tactile finishes over 10 years which unearthed an affection for natural organic textures and forms.

Her inspiration lays within the natural landscape, in particular the striking botanicals of native Australian Flora.

Her style is bold and alluring, marrying the artistry of illustration with a playful contemporary edge. Dubbed ‘Colour

Queen’ at school, Sarah’s trademark is her striking use of colour and texture that is a delight for the senses.

‘’I love to draw on the natural environment in my textiles. And I have always taken a likening to expressionist and modernist movements; I feel that this exploration of form has certainly played a part in how my pieces are composed’’

Each one of Sarah’s textile designs are based on her original drawings. “I love watching the transition from pencil to paper, through to upholstery fabric for furniture”. Composition plays a very important part in the production process, and once a textile design has been established, form and colour is almost a natural progression.

Sarah loves to put brush to paper; and experiments with acrylic, gouache and watercolour mediums. It’s all about how the visual translates from her mind to canvas or paper, and she describes the process as almost rhythmic; an extension of thoughts and feelings.