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Tania Blanchard

"I am an artist and graphic designer, with a degree in visual arts and a diploma in graphic design. For the last few years, besides being a mum and enjoying a great life here at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, I have been focussing on my art.
I love to paint extremely textured, boldly colourful scenes inspired by nature. I compose my scenes by layering largish dots (or to go a bit artsy on you, “impressionistic impasto dots”). I am drawn to texture and I add multiple layers to my canvases to add depth and dimension to each piece. Indeed, my paintings are so textured they do cast shadows! I passionately explore colours and composition. Sometimes my use of colours can be harmonious, but I love it when discordant colours come together that really make your eyes zing. So, you could say, I’m trying to create a dance between colour and texture."